One Couple’s Quest for Simplicity and Self-determinism

6 Sep

Welcome to our blog.  We are Scott and Brenda – a couple of forty-somethings living in Sacramento, CA, who have started this blog as a way to record our newest adventure.

Our new adventure involves embracing a new lifestyle that leans toward minimalism in an effort to simplify, and take control over the outcome of, the rest of our lives.

Brenda likes to cook, bake, knit, bead, take pictures, garden in her tiny yard, and stay active; Scott is a graduate student in English Lit, he likes to eat Brenda’s cooking, write poetry and fiction, read and study literature and literary theory, brew beer, run, and occasionally has a little fun on the side.  (Not that kind of fun; just regular fun.)

Our Happy Hour grew from our habit over the years to close out our days after work by sharing a drink on the front porch, where we would recount to one another the day’s events, whether good or bad.  Over the past couple of years, we have come to realize that this seems wrong.  Life’s best moments – its Happy Hours – should not be relegated to the remains of a worn-out day. Why can’t life be its own Happy Hour?

It is our hope that our journey will result in enjoying more of our lives, giving ourselves more opportunity to pursue the things we really enjoy, rather than leaving ourselves with the dregs of an existence that has been largely consumed by a workday where our efforts have benefited somebody else.

We have already downsized to a roughly 800 square foot duplex, but it is still much too full of stuff.  We are downsizing our budget, and have set a date where Brenda gets to quit her job (October 15!!).  Until then, we are living on one income and tweaking what we need to do to get by.  Our goal is that we eventually support ourselves without need for an outside job.

In writing this blog, we welcome you to come along on our journey and share our experiences.  There will be ups as well as downs, but we will experience them all together.



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