Ice is Nice (or how to make small steps towards cutting the budget)

8 Sep

I love ice. I am an ice chewer, ice cruncher, ice connoisseur. I will fill a glass with ice, then pour enough iced tea over it to just melt it a little bit. Drink the tea, then crunch the ice (yes, my dentist tells me how foolish this is).

My favorite ice is the good, crunchy kind that comes in the 20 pound bag at the grocery store. For $3.99.  For frozen water. It never bothered me to shell out four bucks, plus tax, for frozen water until recently.  Faced with only one income and little money left over for luxuries and indulgences, I had to rethink my ice habit.

Not ready to give it up cold turkey (groan), I chose instead to do it the old-fashioned way: I would make it myself.  Silly?  Perhaps, but it is taking one small step in the right direction.  And that is what this journey is – small steps in the right direction.

Next step is to work on cutting the coffee budget, but hey, we’re not savages here.  We needs our coffee!  I will gladly give up basic cable if I can get my Peet’s fix regularly.  That being said, we have significantly cut the eating out/entertainment budget.  We are definitely making progress.

The funny thing about progress is, we tend not to miss those “must-haves” as much as we thought we would.  I like to cook and will gladly whip up something delish for dinner if it means saving money.  When you both work busy jobs, plus have school, exercise, chores and what not, that is when eating out becomes a “must-have”.  But by careful planning ( and by counting down the days until I no longer work a 40-hour week) and doing major cooking on the weekends, weeknight dinners are mostly reheatable and easy.

What small steps can you make to move towards independence?  Packing your lunch?  Making your own ice?  It all adds up and I encourage you to start small and think big.




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