The Final Stretch

8 Oct

My last day of work is next Friday.  Once Scott and I made the decision that I would stop working and concentrate on home, the clock seemed to go into super-slow motion while I feel like I have been in hyper-drive making preparations.  My notebook has been filling up with ideas, recipes, plans of attack and assorted thoughts ready to implement.  The weekends have been filled with cooking, baking, making this and that, and rushing around doing this and that, until I arrive at Monday, thoroughly exhausted, yet with much more still to be done. 

Trying to do everything has taken it’s toll, though.  I am starting to feel like a bowl of bread dough that has proofed too long and deflated back on itself.  I just need to get “punched down” and refocus so that the creativity can grow again.  

Which brings me to my last weekend/week of employment.  I am not going to do “everything” this weekend, or run around like a squirrel trying to hide it’s winter nuts.  I will bake bread, that’s a given, but I also want to relax and have some fun.  I want to slow down and enjoy the moment and let the week take its course without me trying to rush it along in a blur of activity.  This is a monumentous time for me.  It’s something to savor. 

 Here is to everyone slowing down and just appreciating the journey. 




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