Free at Last

21 Oct

It’s finally here – this week.  Freedom.  A little bit scary, a lot exciting.  The past few days have been spent in a flurry of catching up on errands, and those nagging things that needed to get done, but now – freedom.  Well, if you consider running a household as cheaply as possible to be freedom.

To me, it’s wonderful.  This week is my gentle intro into the self-made life.  It involves lots of planning, study, and just plain thinking about what needs to be done.

Number one priority is getting this blog going and posting regularly.  Number two is getting rid of stuff!  (At the top of that list is selling our motorcycles)  Number three is working on our foodstuffs (baking, fermenting, cooking).  Number three has been number one lately, hence the planning, study and thinking to rearrange the priorities.

These are exciting times – please stick around as there should be lots of activity!




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